1# CenterPod Fits Bat, Rhino, RoadTrip Series 1 tripods

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  • Capture low angle or tabletop shots with ease.
  • Use as standalone tabletop tripod.
  • Detachable weight hook for added stability.
  • Ideal for long lenses in low angle positions.
  • Fits Bat, Rhino and MeFOTO Series 1 tripods.


For photographers already using a Bat, Rhino or MeFOTO tripod, get ready to expand your tripods versatility with Benro’s 3 Leg Short Center columns. Available in 4 different sizes, there’s one to fit your favorite Benro tripod. They feature a detachable weight hook for additional stability. By removing the weight hook, you will find an internal small leg set to use as a mini tripod. Use it in conjunction with a variety of accessories, to expand your shooting capabilities. Simply attach a tripod head, plate or accessory via the ⅜” screw. Capture low angle or tabletop shots with ease. Attach your monopod, or removable leg from your Benro Tripod - to the Mini Tripod for a smaller-footprint. Or use the mini tripod as additional support for lower-angle shooting with a long lens.


Item Includes:
Short center column with 3 legs.
Product Weight (lb/kg):
0.37lb / 0.17kg

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