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Tips & Tricks: 4 Mistakes in Storytelling

Tips & Tricks: 4 Mistakes in Storytelling

May 5th 2022

A story is a retelling of events. Telling a strong story is not so easy. Let’s check out these 4 mistakes to avoid in your next project.

Mistake # 1 – We don’t give the audience a compelling reason to watch. Try creating a question that drives their curiosity about what happens next.

Mistake # 2 – Too many characters. The audience needs to connect to each character. As a general rule, try not to have more than 3 characters in a short video (5 min or less).

Mistake # 3 – Too many goals. Define the goal of your project. Who are you making this video for? What do you want the audience to do? What will this project achieve?

Mistake # 4 – Wasting the opening of your film and failing to draw the audience in from the very first shot. Some say you have only 7 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention.

Be sure to watch the full video for some great video examples!

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