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Tips & Tricks: Be One With the Monopod

Tips & Tricks: Be One With the Monopod

Apr 11th 2022

Learn the secret to using a monopod effectively. It’s important to properly balance your camera rig to get the full range of your monopod. Keeping the 3 leg base, pan and tilt loose enough to move, with proper tension so they’re not flopping around is part of the key to dialing in this smooth natural movement.

Patrick from Muse Storytelling shows you how to be one with the monopod for those natural human-like motions in this Benro Tips and Tricks video. These fundamentals will aid you in telling your story.

With a properly balanced head, three feet planted on the ground and keeping the rig close to your body you will be ready to achieve smooth camera movements. This might even involve removing the handle on your monopod and instead you can move the monopod with your body.

Be sure to watch the full video to see each tip and trick for yourself!

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