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Tips & Tricks: How Camera Movement Relates to Story

Tips & Tricks: How Camera Movement Relates to Story

Apr 6th 2022

When it comes to filmmaking, how you move the camera is how you move the viewer. In this video, we will walk you through five different types of camera movements that affect the viewers experience.

Handheld feels very unproduced and rather raw and is fitting to make the audience feel like they were seeing a moment as it happened. The extra movement can help a produced scene or moment feel more relatable and real. It can help bring authenticity to a live moment. Handheld movement captures the shakiness and instability that the main character is feeling, which can guide the viewer as the story unfolds.

Compared to handheld the monopod has much more smooth and subtle motion, but still feels very human. It’s a great tool to move quickly, but also keep the scene feeling very real.

Tripods can provide shots which are safe and highly produced for static and locked off shots like an interview. As you head out on your next production remember that how you’re moving your camera is how you’re moving your audience.

Check out the video for more information about camera movement tools such as sliders and drones and how they can help tell your story!

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