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Tips & Tricks: Humanize the Tripod

Tips & Tricks: Humanize the Tripod

Apr 26th 2022

The movement of the camera, or lack thereof, affects how your audience feels. In this tutorial, Patrick from Muse Storytelling talks about how giving subtle movements to your tripod during an interview creates a more human feeling for your audience.

We don’t often associate camera movement with interviews and they are often shot using locked off, static tripod setups which are very produced and safe. However, humans tend to move around quite a bit while talking and even while listening.

Adding subtle camera movement during an interview can help foster a more human element and a natural conversational environment. In the end this can help craft a much deeper connection between the audience and the character.

By adjusting the height, balance and tension of your tripod and video head you can prep your camera setup for this subtle movement that’s easy to control. Keeping the movement random adds variety and prevents predictable movements that might be perceived as annoying rather than personal and interesting.

Start moving your camera like you want to move your audience!

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