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Tips & Tricks: Monopod Hacks

Tips & Tricks: Monopod Hacks

May 3rd 2022

One of the most indispensable tools for creating videos is the monopod. Don’t leave home without it! When you’re in the field and you need a light footprint the video monopod is the perfect piece of gear to help tell your story.

What if you need to do an above/overhead shot, but you don’t have a jib or a ladder? Find a location with a wall near your subject and press the 3-leg base against the wall and tuck the monopod underneath your arm for added stability.

For low angle shots you can find support the 3-leg base against the table’s edge and simply point your camera down. By placing the legs in front of you the monopod can be positioned much closer to the ground.

Watch the full video to see more advanced monopod hacks!

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