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Master Hardened 100x150mm 3-stop (GND8 0.9) Hard-edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter (MHGND8H1015)

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  • Made with Hardened Schott B270 German optical glass, the finest available, precisely ground to ensure brilliantly sharp images with no ghosting
  • ULCA Multi-Coating decreases flare and significantly reduces chromatic aberration (average transmission >99.0% @420-680nm)
  • NANO WMC Multi-Coating is scratch resistant and repels water, dirt and oil from smudges and fingerprints, making the filter easy to clean
  • IRND Coating maintains faithful color rendition by eliminating color shifts caused by unwanted infrared and UV light
  • Gradation transition is smooth and natural looking


A challenge commonly faced in landscape, travel and architectural photography is a scene with high contrast between the highlight and shadow areas, for example a bright sky with a darker foreground. Expose for the highlights in the sky and you’ll lose detail in the foreground. Expose for the foreground and you’ll blow out the sky. But with Benro Master Hardened GND (Graduated Neutral Density) filters, you’ll be able to perfectly balance high-contrast highlights and shadows – and consistently produce properly exposed images in a single exposure, without time-consuming post-processing. Benro Master HardenedGND filters are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-stop densities in both soft and hard-edge transitions, for maximum flexibility.

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  • Storage Case


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